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The recommendation for all EIS files is to use the call above, and then apply a calibration correction factor as a post-processing step.. It is highly recommended that the user perform calibration before browsing the data as detector artifacts called warm pixels make browsing the raw data difficult.. EIS data analysis guide This guide describes how to access, calibrate and derive scientific results from the EIS instrument on Hinode.

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For a description of EIS and its observing modes please consult the instrument paper,, and the.. Web links to the four sites are given below In addition, it is possible to download EIS data directly through IDL.

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Note that the data archives listed above do not distribute level-1 files, so the user needs to perform the calibration.. Below we provide tutorials that take users through these steps for example data-sets. Ping G10 Offset Drivers For Mac

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Eis_prep can take a long time to process a data-set, but it can be speeded up by using a dynamically-loadable module (DLM).. Each one offers different capabilities and so it is recommended that you try each to familiarize yourself with the methods for searching for data.. The standard call for eis_prep is: IDL> eis_prep, filename, /quiet, /retain, /default, /save IMPORTANT NOTE: the /correct_sensitivity keyword is no longer recommended as of 8 October 2013.

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The large quantity of EIS data coupled with the large number of free parameters (raster size, wavelength windows, slit choice) means that it can be quite difficult to find the perfect data-set if you don't already know which study you want.. EIS_CAT is a GUI tool that allows the user to search for data and download them Another option is to directly download data via command line routines.. Tutorials The following sections describe individual steps in going from finding data to deriving scientific results.. Make sure to change 'eis_l0_*' to 'eis_l1_*' in the 'Set search filter' box to look for level-1 files rather than level-0 files.. Check out to get some hints on searching for data (e g , flare triggers) What is the best and free software for impedance spectra fitting and analysis?For information about where to store EIS data files on your computer after you've downloaded them, please check.. Please check out for more details Taking a quick-look at your data For browsing a data-set there are several 'quicklook' tools available that can be accessed by first calling a single IDL widget called XFILES: IDL> xfiles The widget allows you to choose an EIS file by manually typing in the path to the EIS file.. This page is still under construction All of the information should be accurate, but some of the links are not working yet. 518b7cbc7d